You've been playing in a band for some time now with friends from your school or college and collectively, you feel as if you're ready to get up on stage and perform in front of others. This is a watershed moment as you could be about to hit the big time, so you do need to make a great impression right from the outset. Of course, you don't have the advantage of a professional event team to back you up at the start, so you have to handle a lot of the arrangements yourself. One of your biggest challenges will relate to the hire and placement of the sound system, so what are some of the key points to remember here, in order to send your audience home with a good impression?

Where to Start

Certainly, you can write a book about sound equipment and set up, but it doesn't have to be rocket science. While you will want to source professional speakers for your gig, you'll want to perform at safe levels, so that all in attendance can hear a pristine performance.

Best Practice

Without a very expensive hire and set up bill, the first thing to remember is that you're not going to be able to produce the same output for all those in attendance, if you have a big room full. Instead, you're going to have to be as consistent as possible, while making a compromise set up.

Raising the Speakers

Raise the speakers up as high as they can go, while bearing in mind safety at all times. This will enable the sound to be at least at the "ear" level of those in attendance and will help ensure that even the closest listener is a little distance from the source of the sound.

Placing the Subs

If you have two subwoofers put them in the same location, rather than trying to put them on opposite sides of the room. Without sophisticated equipment, you're likely to get a nasty delay in between the two cases, which won't sound very good.

Mixing in the Trenches

Whoever is handling the technical side of the equation and mixing all the different inputs together needs to be as near to the audience as possible. This will allow them to sense what the majority of those in attendance can hear and make adjustments in real time.

Keeping It Real

Never be tempted to turn everything up as loud as it can go in the mistaken belief that this is going to make a bigger impression. You don't want to send everyone home with ringing in their ears, but do want them to remember you for your performance.

Fine Tuning

Have a word with your sound system supplier to come up with the best solution for your gig.