Kids and teenagers love music and listening to music is important for their emotional, language and brain development. If your child loves music, a great set of headphones is the ideal gift- allowing their music experience to be a personal journey, while promoting growth and development. Check out these four tips to help you choose the best headphones for your kids:

Will they withstand your child's care?

The level of durability that you'll be seeking in your kid's headphones will really depend on your child. Younger children are more likely to treat their headphones roughly- throwing them around, stepping on them, twisting or chewing the cord. If you're buying headphones for a younger child, consider a durable wireless pair with a smaller head circumference, designed specifically to tolerate the wear and tear that a young kid will put them through.

If your child is more gentle with their electronic equipment, or you're buying for a teenager, you may be able to opt for greater comfort and soft ear pads over ultra-durability. A pair of headphones that offer a warranty are more likely to have better durability than a throw-away pair without a guarantee. For a corded pair of headphones, always ensure the cord is robust enough to withstand tugging and potential chewing- a replaceable cord is a great selling point, as you'll save money and landfill!

Is the sound high-quality?

Headphones with poor sound quality are pointless- you're looking for a crisp, clear sound for the greatest enjoyment factor. The sound quality your child requires will also depend on whether they'll mainly be watching movies or listening to music. Noise-cancelling headphones are a good option if your child will be using them in a noisy environment, such as public transport or around boisterous siblings. For young children, in-built decibel limiters are a vital feature for avoiding hearing damage from loud music. Stick to a volume limit of 85 decibels to ensure your child's hearing is protected, particularly if they will be using them for an extended period of time. Chat with your helpful audio-visual equipment stockist if you need a hand selecting a quality pair of volume-limiting headphones.

Do they pass the kid-approval test?

Kids look for different features than parents in any product- while you might be worried about the durability, connectivity and volume control, your kids will be more concerned about the colour, style, comfort and 'cool factor'. Once you have short-listed a few pairs of suitable headphones, it really pays to let your child get involved in selecting the ideal headphones. This way you can guarantee that they'll appreciate the gift and that they will be well-used.

For assistance and expert advice when selecting the perfect set of headphones for your child, chat with your local audio-visual equipment company like Tivoli Hi-Fi Pty Ltd.